OEM process

OEM process

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Requirement Analysis
First, our engineers are willing to engage in the requirement analysis. You can provide a product idea, and then our R&D team will offer some professional advice to make sure the product meet the market expectation.

Technical Review
After the desired characters coming out, our engineering team and purchasing department will communicate with our suppliers and work out a configuration sheet. In this stage, we may go back to stage one due to some feasibility or cost-efficiency issues.

Cost and Schedule
Based on the previous designing, we could offer an expense form and a production schedule, which varies much on the desired characters, quantity and supply capability.

Development of Sample
Make out a sample according to the designed characters. Then the sample will go through a series of tests such as temperature test, Discharge and charge test,etc.

Trial Order
After confirming the sample, we will arrange small volume production and evaluate the feasibility of mass production, reliability of supplier and production schedule.

Mass Production
After all the problems solved, we enter the last stage- mass production.

Service and Support
We provide professional ODM service, including carton box, user manual customization. We also provide warranty for our products.

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