Low temperature NiCad D 4.0AH rechargeable battery

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Type: D

This specification governs the performance of the following Nickel-Cadmium Cylindrical cell and its stack-up battery。
Model: BP-NiCd- D 6000mAh -T40℃
Cell Size: D(φ32.2±0.3×59.0±0.5)


Description Unit Specification Conditions
Nominal Voltage V/ Cell 1.2
Nominal Capacity mAh 6000 Standard Charge/Discharge
Capacity at  low temperature mAh ≥4000 Charge the cell 0.05C(300mA) 24hrs(Ambient Temperature -40℃)

Discharge by 1200mA to 1.0V(Ambient Temperature -40℃)

Standard Charge mA 600(0.1C) Ambient Temperature:


Hour 16
Quick Charge mA 1800(0.3C) Ambient Temperature:


hour 4
Trickle Charge (0.03C)~


T1= -40~30℃
Standard discharge mA 1200(0.2C) Ambient Temperature:

T2= -40~30℃

Humidity:Max  85%

DischargeCut-off Voltage V/ Cell 1.0
Storage Temperature -40~40 Discharged state、Humidity、Max.85%,
Typical Weight/ Gram Approx.120.0g unit cell


NiCad battery Specifications

Voltage: 1.2V
Operating temperature range: -40°C to 60°C

Size: SC C D
Dia x Height:  22.9 mm x 43.0 mm  26.0 mm x 50.0 mm  33.2 mm x 59.5 mm
Mass: Approx.  47g Approx. 73g Approx. 150g
Typical capacity: 1,500mAh 2,500mAh 4,000mAh


Product description
• High&Low-temperature NiCd cells for use with emergency lighting units
• 4-year design life
• 1-year guarantee
• Constant high-temperature operation – depending on the
emergency lighting unit used (refer to respective emergency control
gear datasheet
• Good charging properties at high temperature
• High energy maintenance of the charged battery
• Certified quality manufacturer
• In various configurations
• Simple connection with blade terminal respectively plug terminal
• With polycarbonate fixing caps and connecting cable
• Electrical connection with mounted end caps possible
• Suitable for emergency lighting equipment as per IEC 60598-2-22