Military Lithium Sulfer Dioxide Battery BA5590/U

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Type: BA5590

Typical applications
• AN/PRC-104 Radio
• AN/PRC-113 Radio
• AN/PRC-117 Radio
• AN/PRC-119 Singcars Radio
• KY-57, KY-65 Encryption Set
• REMBASS Remotely Monitored
Battlefield Surveillance System
• PLRS Position Locator and
Reporting System
• RT-991 Buoy Radio
• RT-1175 Buoy Radio
• AN/TAS-4A TOW Night Sight

Key features
• A non-replaceable fuse is incorporated in the negative leg of each series group of cells.
• A normally closed high temperature switch or thermal fuse is incorporated into each series group of cells to protect against overheating.
• A diode is incorporated into the positive leg of each series group of cells to prevent charging or flow of current into the battery.
• A device consisting of a manually activated pull tab and resistors designed to discharge the battery to 0 V is built into the battery.

BA 5590 Battery datasheet