NEW Product: 3.2V 10360 150mAh CYLINDERLICAL BATTERY for electronic cigarette

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Type: 10360

Lower internal resistance,Faster charge and discharge, More safety.


No. Item General Parameter Remark
1 Rated Capacity Typical 150mAh Standard discharge(0.2C) after standard charge
Minimum 140mAh
2 Nominal Voltage 3.2V Mean Operation Voltage
3 Voltage at end of Dischargr 2.0V Discharge Cut-off Voltage
4 Charging at end of Voltage 3.65V  
5 Standard charge Constant Current 1C Constant Voltage 3.65V 0.02C cut-off Charge time:Approx0.5h
6 Standard discharge Constant Current 5C end Voltage 2.0V  
7 Fast charge Constant Current 10C Constant Voltage 3.65V 0.02C cut-off Charge time:Approx 0.54h
8 Fast discharge Constant Current 15C end Voltage 2.0V  
9 Maximum Continuous Charge Current 1.5A  
10 Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 3A  
11 Operation Temperature Range Charge:0~45℃ 60±25%R.H. Bare Cell
12 Storage Temperature Range Less than 1 year:-20~25℃ 60±25%R.H. at the shipment state
Less than 3 months:-20~40℃
13 Weight Approx:7g FYI
14 Pack Dimension Height:(h):37±0.4mm) Initial Dimension