Lithium Iron rechargeable button cell LIR2032 3.6V battery

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Type: LIR2032

Rechargeable Lithium-ion button battery

Capacity 40±5mAh
 Charging Voltage 4.20V
Nominal Voltage 3.7V at 0.2C mA
Standard Charging Method Constant current: 7mA constant voltage 4.20V total 5h
 Cut-off Discharge Voltage 3.00V
 Max.Discharge Current 70mA
Max.Charge Current 35mA
Cycle Life >500 cycles at 0.2C mA discharge
 Ambient Temperature  
 for Standard Charge  0℃~45℃
 for Discharge  -20℃~60℃
for within the temperature -20℃~60℃
 for within the humidity ≤75%
Energy Density Wh/L  Wh/Kg
Weight of Bare Cell  ~4g
Charge State Internal Impedance ≤600mΩ

1. Using a special sealing design and sealing technology, selection of high energy battery material, has a superior the leak-proof performance, voltage stability, sufficient electrical capacity, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, to vibrations storage period. And long service life, clean, bright appearance, small size, light weight, non-corrosive rust.
2. Cycle life: over 500times under normal use.
3. Smooth discharge curve: when then 0.1C discharge to 100%, the voltage of each battery can still maintained at more than 1.2v.
4. High Adaptability: can be made of any battery pack according to user's requirements, to meet customer product requirements.
5. Advanced manufacturing technology, the low internal resistance, and fast charge, anti-abuse excellent
6. Low self-discharge; high capacity, stable performance
7. Maintenance-free, widely used
8. Fast lead time
All sorts of small electrical appliances, hand the flashlight, electricity type a flashlight, hand pressure flashlight, rechargeable flashlight, shave wool machine, electricity must knife, digital products, solar key ring, electric play toy, the head lamp, electronic dictionary, tax control machine, etc.